Why Colombia?

And 12 more reasons to invest in EcoGay
  1. Colombia is a relatively cheap country, the costs of living here are much lower than in the first world. With a modest income or pension you can have a good life here.
  2. Colombian people are generally very friendly and polite. The population is rather homogeneous with a culture not too different from many first world countries. You’ll feel right at home here!
  3. The internal conflict, that gave Colombia a bad name, has ended and many investors look at options in this beautiful country. For now opportunities still exist everywhere.
  4. Population density is relatively low. Colombia has the size of France and Germany combined, but only a bit over 40 million inhabitants.
  5. Gay rights is an issue that has largely been resolved. Gay marriage is legal, and even “free union” has a clear legal status. For example having a (gay) relationship with a Colombian gives you the right to a partner/spouse visa without marriage being necessary. If you hold such a visa for 5 continuous years you can apply for a resident visa.
  6. Colombia is the second most biodiverse country on our planet. Also read: Where is EcoGay?
  7. Around 70% of all electricity in Colombia is hydro. In our area that is 100% (only some coastal regions depend on fuel powered electricity).

And 12 More Reasons

to invest in EcoGay
  1. The area where EcoGay is located is not only stunningly beautiful, with its huge views, it also has a nice climate all year long (we’re at 1200 meters above sea level, which limits the tropical heat).
  2. To have a nice place for your holidays, or to escape the winters where you live now. Especially if you’re a pensioner or work over the internet you could use that freedom to be more flexible where you spend your time.
  3. Tourism is booming in Colombia right now. That means the right time to invest in it is now. EcoGay also has a piece of land that can be developed for more general tourists, so we’re not limited to only gay men.
  4. Our local climate is rather stable and not so prone to extremes. We do not suffer from hurricanes or tornadoes. Temperatures are always well within the 18°C to 35°C range. The only challenge our climate gives is periods of draught, but we’re all setup to deal with that.
  5. We have a year-round growing season, because we do not have any winters. This gives good food security in case things get dicey out there.
  6. We live in uncertain times, where a number of problems could create big challenges in the years and decades to come. You could think of disruptions in our food or water supply because of climate emergencies. Or perhaps societal unrest because of mounting tensions in the first world. Colombia has as advantage that the local market for necessities is pretty much self serving. There is very little dependency on imports and Colombians are inventive people who can figure out how to make things work by using what is on hand.
  7. We’re already off grid at EcoGay. Only our electricity comes from outside, but because that sometimes fails we’re even used to doing without from time to time. Getting solar panels is on our wishlist though.
  8. Because we grow food in an ecological way, in cooperation with nature, we do not depend on outside inputs. Our situation is rather safe and includes nature’s redundancy. It’s also less work to grow food like that.
  9. Speaking about ecology, the eco approach will gain a lot more attention over the coming years and decades. To work on these things now gives us a good headstart.
  10. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, geographically diverse investment is wise in these times because it allows you to escape areas that become less safe.
  11. EcoGay is already in development for 5 years. The main obstacles have been identified and solved, and the project is now clearly defined.
  12. We’re nice and reliable people, as you can tell from this website… 😎

Does this sound good to you? Check out the EcoGay investment options here.

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Why Colombia?

Colombia is a relatively cheap country, the costs of living here are much lower than in the first world. With a modest income or pension you can have a good life here. Colombian people are generally very friendly and polite....
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