Available Land

At EcoGay and Surroundings

The EcoGay farm has 10.5 hectares of land. About half of it is on steep slopes. We consider those parts as nature reserve and it is a nice buffer between us and our neighbors. It is the area without roads at the north and the west side of the farm. The farm as a whole is too big for us, so we’re splitting it up and we’re looking for buyers who would like to be part of the EcoGay experience on their own property. We are selling parts 1,2 and 5.

The map below shows the design we have for the area as a whole. Half of the roads are done, and half of the building platforms have been flattened as well.

From the top of the mountain it looks like this:

Area 1 is slightly bigger than one hectare (it’s 10.200m2 / ca 2.5 acres) and it is independent from the rest of the farm. It is split in 2 parts by the public road. On one side of the road there is a part of 1500m2 that has been made flat for a building. On the other side of the road there is a slope that can be terraced and cultivated, with another possibility for a house or cabins. Asking price is 90 million Colombian pesos, which is about 25.000 USD at the current rate of 3600 pesos per 1 USD.

Area 2 is the most interesting part for ecotourism. It has clear open views of 180 degrees on one side and the beautiful embrace of the mountain in the other side of the 360 degree circle. It has 3 distinct parts, each with their own entrance, that can be developed separated from the other parts or as a combo of areas that strengthen each other. In the map this is indicated by the 3 possible locations for buildings. The middle one is the existing house. This area has a total surface of about 16.000m2 and it already has a connection to the electricity grid. Asking price is 225 million pesos which is about 63.000 USD at current rates.

Area 5 is mostly suitable for someone who would want his own permaculture setup with perhaps a focus on growing pigs and/or goats. It has nearly 4 hectares in space, but it also has some serious slopes. The area where we indicated the location for a house is the flattest part, with the land shaped a bit as a bowl. It also has great views. Asking price is 120 million pesos, or 33.000 USD at current rates.

Final selling prices are open for negotiation. The more your plans match with ours the more flexible we will be. More information in Spanish and more pictures on the LluviaVerde website.

Area 3 and 4 we develop ourselves. This is the area where we already build our terraces and other earthworks. Area 3 is the place for growing food and our chickens plus here we welcome any intern who wants to stay with us, or any new community member of EcoGay. Area 4 we use mainly for ecotourism, with some “Glamping” to start with and some cabins to rent out later. We have moved the pigs off this part of our land and we hope that someone will take on developing area 5 for these animals. Area 6 will be for sale later.

Around the EcoGay farm several other properties are for sale or could be if they get an offer they cannot refuse. Most neighbors are older people and traditional farming cannot really compete with modern industrial farming anymore, so most of them will sell if they get the chance.

If you would buy another farm not too far away, we can help with a permaculture design (with or without implementation). We would welcome any and all business cooperation with anyone around us. If more projects aimed at gay men would be around that would help all of us through synergy effects.

Are you ready to build your house in paradise? You can contact us here for an inquiry.


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Available Land

The EcoGay farm has 10.5 hectares of land. About half of it is on steep slopes. We consider those parts as nature reserve and it is a nice buffer between us and our neighbors. It is the area without roads...
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